Can I Persuade You With My Opinion?

Campaigns of persuasion are exposed to each person every day. Most commercials are trying to get you to buy or support a product, organization, or issue.

Take, for example, political campaigns. I find that these types of campaigns create the greatest persuasion because it is easy for one political party to bash another. In turn, while the bashing goes both ways, if a person only sees one side of the persuasion occurring – it might sway them greatly to support that political party over another.

For myself; commercials, campaigns, and causes (what the political party stands for) are the greatest source of persuasion. They often compel me to think about different parties values and discover new facts I was initially unaware of. Because of the said “bashing” that occurs, this is the reason as to why I would vote for one party over another.

So what communication persuasive factors are being used to persuade me and the general public? Plenty.

The clarity of the message, content, structure, and getting ones point across is huge. Having credibility (such as being a nationally recognized political party) also assists in persuading. Some may argue that just because it is a political party putting on a campaign or commercial it does not give them credibility – but for me it does. Obviously scandals and whatnot are still going to happen which will take away from this credibility, but this is where timing and context come in. If a scandal happens close to an election this would most likely persuade a person to change their views of the scandal-rich political party. Lastly, the type of persuasion must appeal to my self-interest.

For example, the Canadian Liberal party would like to legalize marijuana, whereas to me this is not a priority. How did I find out this political party was planning on doing this? Through commercials and campaigns from the Conservatives. I was swayed to think differently about the Liberals and ultimately began researching into what it is that they stand for.

What do you think? Are you easily persuaded by political campaigns or am I the only one who listens to what one political party has to say?


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