Begin Networking and Creating Connections!

Since attending classes at the University of Winnipeg these past few months in a Public Relations/Marketing program, I have learned one of the most important aspects to being successful in this business: networking!

Without networking you will create no connections, and without connections there is a lesser chance of being hired in the field you desire.  This post is meant to shine some light on how to go about making your first (or 1000th) connection – specifically through social media.

Step 1

Identify someone you would like to connect with.  For me personally, I wanted to make a connection with someone I would potentially like to work for in the future.  While I won’t mention in this post who I connected with, you can find out through checking my twitter post by clicking here.

Step 2

Do your research on your chosen person to connect with.  This is a very important step – how embarrassing would it be to say you’d love to work for someone who was not even in your field?  Search the person you’d like to connect with, check their bio on LinkedIn, and look for a website if possible.

Step 3

Choose your method of connection.  Whether it’s Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn, chances are, the person you want to talk with is on these sites.  I chose to connect via Twitter because it made the most sense.  By this I mean: I was not asking for anything, my post was short and simple, and it was something I felt the person would enjoy reading.

Step 4

Connect!  Say something to strike up a conversation, tell them you admire some of their work, or just simply say hi.  If you never message the person you will never know what could have came from it.  In my case, I @ mentioned the person I was messaging, told them I was looking forward to talking with them in the future, and used a hashtag to show that I was interested in the company.

Overall, my experience with networking/connecting was a good one since I received a response!

Now, it’s not always as easy as 1,2,3,4 to connect with someone through social media.  If the person happens to get thousands of tweets a minute, you might have a hard time connecting with that specific person.  If this person happens to be a celebrity – see my other blog post titled: “How to get Noticed on Twitter by a Celebrity“.

But don’t be discouraged if you do not connect with someone on the first try! Perhaps the person was busy when they read your tweet or message and forgot to get back to you.  Try, try again!  The benefit to social media is there are multiple ways to connect with someone using the various platforms out there!

Get connecting!