If You Don’t RACE, You Can’t Win


In Public Relations (PR) – there’s this little formula called RACE, and if you aren’t doing it, chances are you aren’t winning in the competition that is the PR field.

What is RACE?

R = Research, A = Action, C = Communication, and E = Evaluation

For the purpose of this post, I will be focusing on the R and A portion of the formula.

Research – essentially deciding what the problem or issue is at hand

It is extremely important to perform meaningful and comprehensive research in order to complete a process.  There are different types of research; the main ones I will be focusing on are secondary, qualitative, and quantitative research.  With research comes creating surveys and questions for these surveys to gather information.

Action – also known as planning

There are 3 objectives in the Action part – informational, motivational, and behavioural.  Each objective is used to create a separate type of outcome.  It is important to note that objectives and goals are not the same thing.  You want to create SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound) goals and proper objectives to go along with these goals.  By planning you are anticipating the end outcome – to have a successful PR campaign.


When creating parts of your RACE formula, consider who your audiences are.  These can be allies, neutrals, or adversaries.  You need to consider their needs and anticipate what they will want.


For now I will leave you with an interesting post I found about redefining the RACE formula and if it needs to be thought about in a different light to include social media.


Thanks for reading!